While we each run our own independent practice, we believe that by supporting one another, members of our community are able to deliver greater value to our clients.

Some ways we support one another:


Professional development

Umbrex organizes one- to three-day professional development retreats for independent management consultants.  Read about upcoming events.

Social events

We meet regularly over dinner, drinks, or outings. These are opportunities to strengthen relationships and share lessons learned.

Project opportunities

When members of our community have project opportunities that we can’t handle ourselves due to availability or other reason, we make an effort to connect another member of the community to the project. So Umbrex provides an opportunity to find projects as well as find Associates or Managers to join your project.

Umbrex Academy

Our community believes in paying it forward. Each year we work with a highly select group of experienced consultants who are in the process of getting started as an independent.

Visual production

Umbrex has relationships with several visual production specialists who previously worked at top tier consulting firms.

Research support

Umbrex has relationships with researchers in a range of disciplines who can provide leverage.

Contract templates

Umbrex members have access to a set of contract templates including non-disclosure agreements, a standard master service agreement, contract between a consultant and a subcontractor, invoices, etc.


Umbrex members belong to an active, private discussion forum in which we regularly ask each other for advice on a range of topics, everything from “Who can brief me on pharma post-merger integration,” to “Any recommendations for an accountant based in Frankfurt?”

Apply to join

There is no membership fee to join Umbrex, but there is a rigorous selection process. We expect members to contribute to the community by attending a Top Tier conference annually and contributing to our other activities. To learn more, send a resume and a brief note to membership@umbrex.com.