A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.


Three Steps to Help Face and Fight Fear

Taking steps to move forward often means addressing the fears that hold us back. Author of four books on business strategy, Kaihan Krippendorff provides direction that can help break the grip.


China Leading the Way in the Non-Cash Payment Industry

China’s rise in global commerce happened when they leapt forward with fibre optic technology. Luca Ottinetti co-wrote this article on how China takes another leadership role – this time in the non-cash payment industry.


How to Determine the Value of Traveling to a Client

From author David A. Fields, valuable advice and steps on how to determine if traveling to visit a prospective client is beneficial.


The Importance of White Space

Susan Clapham offers sage advice on the value of allowing time for whitespace in our minds.


Communicating the Path to Success

From the company blog of David Bernal, key steps that can be taken to improve a company’s chance of success and enhance company culture.


Ways to Mitigate Seasonal Fluctuations in Your Business

Dan Markovitz delivers a timely and evergreen article on how to deal with seasonal fluctuations that can affect your business.


Practical Steps to Actual Change

As we begin the New Year with thoughts of growth and improvement, Srikumar Rao shares valuable advice and practical steps that can help us deal with the problems that can bring us down.  

A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.


Because Life is too Short

Recently shared on Oprah.com, exercises from Diane Mulcahy, author of The Gig Economy, that will help you avoid regrets.


Are You Ready for Fearless Growth?

Grow faster and smarter with these new rules on fearless growth from author Amanda Setili.


Key Steps to Successful Strategic Change Management

From the company blog of Amit Bhambi, why strategic change management is like going out to a new restaurant.


Economic Shift Happens

Anant Singh explains the difference between the Sharing Economy, the On-Demand Economy, and the Value Sharing Economy.


Managing Change Management

Dramatic change can throw a proverbial spanner in the most efficient process. Belden Menkus offers a free download white paper on how to maintain organisational effectiveness throughout times of change.


A Two Step Process to Growth

Geoff Wilson offers a timely message for the new year and provides two key steps to follow that will help you and your business grow.


Reputation Management

As a new year begins and everyone wants to start on a good note, Soyini Coke offers valuable advice on how to deal with any negativity surrounding your reputation.

A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.


Top Tactics for Transformation

As a new year approaches, many of us will be thinking about making changes to our practice or company. Natalie Ceeney offers valuable advice on how to create the right conditions for the type of change that your business needs.


The Benefits of Synthesis in Business

Geoff Wilson explains the conqueror’s ethos that permeates the U.S. and why thinking like a builder rather than a conqueror can improve your business strategy.


Ascend with Artemis

From Christie Johnson’s company blog, a timely introduction to ASCEND. This multi-tier program promotes the active sponsorship of women into leadership roles at studios, networks, agencies, creative organizations, and entertainment technology companies.


How to Improve Company Culture

In a post for Industry Week, Dan Markowitz provides valuable advice on why improving company culture can be difficult and how to change that paradigm.


Get Ready for Growth

In preparation for a new year, David A. Fields provides tips to improve your consulting firm by 189 percent.


Rethinking Training and Development Programs

Paul Millerd questions the efficacy and return on investment of company training and development programs and makes a strong case for a shift in the workforce mindset.


An Introduction to Robotic Process Automation Implementation

Seven key mistakes to avoid when implementing robotic process automation (RPA) technology, from David Burnie’s company blog.

A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.


What is the Value of a Nation

Indranil Ghosh identifies elements that contribute to a nation’s wealth and shares his views on the benefits of adopting the 2nd principle value creation throughout the socio-economy.


Building a Solid Foundation

While teaching Integrating Marketing at NYU, James Black re-learned three core values that build the foundation of a successful marketing campaign.


The One Common Value of 150+ Internal Innovators

Kaihan Krippendorff, author of four books on strategy, explores the work of psychologist Albert Bandura and his theory of self-efficacy as a driving factor in the attainment of success.


Identifying the Victim Trap

Susan Drumm compares two stories of victimization, and how understanding the victim mind set can lead to liberation.


Innovation and Digital Transformation Starts Here

Sugath Warnakulasuriya has designed and launched a number of Innovation and Digital Transformation programs for Fortune 500 companies. He shares a one-page summary of new skills, tools and mindset as a starting point to help companies modernize how they operate and find and develop new sources of growth.


Handling Data and Content Integration

James Phimister shares a few observations on data and content integration, and why it is beneficial to look beyond the obvious sources when researching.


The Doors of Systems & Process

Author of two books on consulting, David A. Fields offers a step-by-step direction to a low-stress, high-margin consulting firm.


A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.


A View through the Cloud System

If you have ever wondered if there is a difference in cloud infrastructure, this article is for you. Rajesh Srinivasaraghavan explores cloud territory and explains why it matters.


Going Round in Circles Sourcing Clients? Read This

Valuable and useful strategic tips from author David A. Fields on how to find and connect with qualified clients.


Are You on the R Team or G Team?

From the company blog of Belden Menkus, an analogy between sports and employees to discover who plays best on which team.


Three Key Steps to Improving Company Culture

Dan Markowitz provides valuable insight on the problem of stumbling blocks for companies pursuing continuous improvement on company culture.


Clean Streets and Business Buy-In.

Ushma Pandya explains how a zero waste garbage solution is possible and how business can be a part of the solution to help deal with this growing concern.


Compete to Beat Big Companies

On the CEO Exclusive blog post this week, Soyini Coke dives into the problems smaller companies face and how they can compete and beat the larger corporations by focusing on these key areas.


The Hidden Costs of Oil and Gas

John Van Leeuwen provides insight into the current obstacles faced by the oil and gas industry, and why the problem oil prices.


A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.


Prepare Your Organization for 21st Century Business

Kaihan Krippendorff draws from 150 interviews with internal innovators where they were asked to describe the organizational barriers to innovation they face. The results helped

identify seven elements that could help prepare an organization for the 21st century.


Competence vs. Confidence & How to Deal with Both

Michael Egan shares a few key tips on how to evaluate candidates for an employment position using a simple framework.


Keeping the Heart in Business

Emotion is powerful when used in marketing, and storytelling is an effective way to connect.  Daniel Markovitz sends a timely reminder to take note of the heart in business, too.


Q&A on Digital Transformation

David Stephens answers some Q&A on digital transformation in an interview with Danyell Lance from the Beckway Group for their “Insight” series.


Self-Help and Strategic Planning

Jennifer Hartz applies advice from Benjamin Franklin to strategic planning for the benefit on one’s self and others.


Brand Trust and Confusion

Jonathan Paisner explores a few key elements that can result in brand portfolio confusion and offers tips to help improve cross-selling.


Zen and the Art of CEOing

Soyini Coke identifies the benefits of mindfulness for the CEO throughout the work day for best results.

A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.


Hot New Apps for Freelancers

In an article about freelancers, the Wall Street Journal recently quoted Diane Mulachy, author of The Gig Economy.  The article explores the needs of freelance workers and apps that can help streamline their business.


Rising Stars & Entrepreneurs Sign Up Here

Susan Drumm has launched a new series of leadership programs full of valuable advice for entrepreneurs and corporations alike. The new program Rising Stars offers webinars, online courses and coaching to help give high-potential managers the tools they need to successfully lead others.


Constructive Tips on Managing Media

Soyini Coke offers some sage advice and valuable tips on how to prepare for and handle the media effectively.


Serialization Training & Certification Program

Evren Ozkaya’s company Supply Chain Wizard and Medicines for Europe are co-hosting a unique training program in Amsterdam, December 6 – 8. The program was developed to enable teams to effectively lead serialization projects with the right tools & templates.


The Best Time to Start Fresh

When in the planning cycle is it a good time to start fresh? Geoff Wilson identifies three key areas where it might be a good idea to wipe the slate clean and draw up a new structure.


Key Steps to Operational Efficiency

From the Burnie Group, an informative article that provides 100 ways to drive operational efficiency in service industries.


How to Create an Investor Package

From David Bernal’s company, great advice for start-ups in this step-by-step guide on how to create an investor’s package that gets attention.

A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.


Nine-Step Guide to Great Facilitation

By bringing the right intention, guidance, and understanding, a good facilitator can add great value to a meeting or event, whereas a bad one can trainwreck the process. Guillermo Herbozo offers key tips on how to perform like the former.


Black Friday Observations

From Angela Thompson, a complimentary download on Black Friday patterning based on observations of customer traffic at 74 retailers: in store, online, and via direct marketing.


Leap Forward with Gratitude

Many thanks to David A. Fields for this article on gratitude and how this practice is an asset in business.


Should You Go to Business School

For all those you know who may be considering business school, Paul Millerd offers six reasons to go and one big caveat that may help readers make the final decision.


The Benefits of Uncertainty

Amanda Setili offers key tips on how to manage uncertainty for the best possible outcomes.




Fintech – The New Frontier

David Martínez de Lecea explores the new frontier of fintech and the opportunities it can bring.


How to Give Valuable Feedback  

Valuable advice and great tips from author of The Membership Economy, Robbie Kellman Baxter, on how to give the right feedback, and how to get it, too.

A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.


Instructions  for Life from the All Blacks

Fifteen core principles drove the success of New Zealand’s All Blacks, Daniel Markowitz applies those principles to business and development on both a professional and personal level.


The Value-Added Benefits of Corporate Generosity

Jennifer Hartz highlights the value of giving for corporations as she illustrates how charitable partnerships can benefit a brand, and subsequently, the bottom line.


How to Get Action from NearSighted Goals

Author of three books on consulting, David A. Fields offers a great kickstart to jump start your consulting business, freelance business, or even life. Enjoy.


Save Time – Read This

Don’t waste time searching for services or staff you need to help your business succeed. Paul Millerd has compiled a hugely valuable list of resources for independent consultants in one post for your convenience.


Don’t Eat the Daisies

Jonathan Paisner explains why B2B companies should learn to live with working titles and leave the naming of products to the brand experts.


Understanding the Hype Cycle

Author of of four business strategy books Kaihan Krippendorff introduces the hype cycle to help makes sense of how and why innovation within a company structure can be lost.


Leadership Tips from the Experts

Author of the Agility Advantage and Fearless Growth,  Amanda Setili was recently quoted in an article by Inc. on the importance of good leadership and how these tips can help develop effective leadership skills.

A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.


How to Ask Effective Questions

Guillermo Herbozo explores lines of questioning and offers a valuable guide on the questions to ask, and the steps to avoid to gain a better understanding of customers and ensure the success of the sales department in your organization.


Strategies Designed for Speed

From the company blog of Belden Menkus, a post on the killer that is stalking your organization, and an invitation to join the open source forum to learn more about strategy and “Design for Speed”.


Follow Process to Avoid Chaos

Jeff Holland highlights the importance of process to achieve clarity, simplicity, and efficiency in life and in business.


Words with Meaning(s)

Granular is a relatively new term that is being used with abandon. Jason George explores the meaning in another pithy post on business jargon.


A Quarterly Review of U.S. Economy

From the company blog of Luca Ottinetti, a quarterly overview of the U.S. economy in the form of a dashboard of indicators, an outline of select sectors and related industries, and the implications for formulating business strategy.


Mastering Email Marketing

Soyini Coke explores the evolution of email marketing in this week’s blog post on CEO Exclusive.


Blocks, Blogs, and Wintry Blahs

Struggling to conjure up ideas for a blog post? You are not alone – Geoff Wilson shares his wintry discontent at blogging blocks and the lack of inspiration.