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Mark Hess
Austin, Tx
MBA, Dartmouth
Bain & Co
Black & Veatch
Maven Associates
Ujjwal Sinha
Seattle, WA
McKinsey & Co
Target Corporation
Management Foresight
Paul Blomerus
Vancouver, Canada
PhD, Oxford
McKinsey & Co
Rolls-Royce Aerospace
Westport Innovations
Independent Consultant
Andrea Wilson
London, England
MBA, London Business School
McKinsey & Co
Almeida Theatre
WPP Group
White Stone
Michael Feiner
New York, NY
MBA, Columbia
Michael C. Feiner Consulting, Inc.

Sanjiv Waghmare
Washington, D.C.
MBA, Kellogg
McKinsey & Co
Capital One
Independent Consultant
Omar Rahman
Chicago, IL
MBA, Wharton
McKinsey & Co
AEGA Consulting Services
Georg Neuberger
Mödling, Austria
PhD, Vienna University
Boston Consulting Group
Independent Consultant

Professional Development Events

Top Tier London 2018
October 4 – 5, 2018
Events are invitation only and require a password. Request an invitation

Social Events

Events are invitation only and require a password. Request an invitation

What Members Say

Leff, Ilene So wonderful to be among like-minded colleagues for learning, improving our practices, getting to know one another and having fun.

Ilene Leff

McKinsey alum

As a veteran of four Top Tier events, I can say that Will and Umbrex always bring relevant and timely topics for building a high quality consulting practice.

Geoff Wilson

McKinsey alum

Top Tier is a "must go to" event - a unique combination of networking, learning, reflecting and just plain good fun! I leave with renewed personal and professional relationships, new ideas to run my practice and new content for my clients.

MaryKate Scott

McKinsey alum

I learned enough in two of the sessions to pay for the opportunity cost of the event several times over.

Jamie Campbell

McKinsey alum

It's great to meet with peers and to expand your horizon. Time well spent.

Joachim Fischer

McKinsey alum

Absolutely fantastic professional development—just what I was missing as an independent!

Eli Diament

McKinsey alum

Umbrex provides a community of like-minded independent consultants who want to make an impact not only with their clients, but also within themselves and their communities.

Mark Gomez

Bain alum

Umbrex is a unique resource, with extraordinary value for consultants and clients. I talk to (and work with) a lot of consultants, consulting networks and, of course, clients. While most consulting networks are a loose amalgamation of firms or consultants under a common banner, Umbrex is something quite different—a vetted community.

David A. Fields

David A. Fields, author of The Irresistible Consultant's Guide to Winning Clients

The Umbrex community is vibrant and supportive, events are top-notch, and the content is just superior.

Romain Ichbiah

Booz alum

Thought Leadership

Befriend the Distant Enemy to Attack One Nearby

Posted Jul 17, 2018

Kaihan Krippendorff uses the alignment between Honda and Hero as a case study to explain how selecting the right supporters and targeting the right competitors can help you play one off the other to become more powerful.

Power Plays in Decision Making

Posted Jul 16, 2018

Sherif El-Henaoui explains why tough decisions are not always the right ones.

Leadership and Innovation in Building Employee Engagement

Posted Jul 15, 2018

This article from David Burnie’s company explores the impact of employee engagement on organizational performance, and provides steps on how to improve it.

How to Establish Active Dialogue on Diversity

Posted Jul 14, 2018

Susan Drumm offers key questions that will engage colleagues and employees in a productive discussion about diversity in the workplace.

Unleashed Podcast

Episode 71: Chad Oakley provides an executive recruiter’s perspective

07/16/2018 Chad Oakley is the CEO of Charles Aris, an executive search firm based in North Carolina. One of the firm’s practice areas is Strategy & Corporate Development – and they’ve completed nearly 600 searches in that space. Charles Aris publishes an annual strategy consulting compensation study which is available free on their website. Read full episode