Umbrex Weekly Roundup

By November 29, 2016

A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, Umbrex members.


A Guide to Powerful Leadership and Successful Strategies

Liana Downey has helped many global NGOs, governments and nonprofits increase their impact and create positive change. In her book, Mission Control, she shares the secret of her successful process to help you find your focus and develop a powerful leadership strategy.


Exploring Paths to Profit and Growth

Amanda Setili provides Fortune 500 companies with strategic growth and management advice. In this post, Amanda identifies 4 ways to think like an explorer to find your way to new sources of profit and growth.


Creating Currency Through Inclusion

Robbie Kellman Baxter, author of the Membership Economy, introduces a new angle to consider when developing a strategy to encourage customer loyalty.


Embracing Change to Beat the Odds

In his book, Caterpillar’s Edge, Sid Mohasseb explains how today’s business leaders and entrepreneurs must accept an ever-changing and uncertain competitive landscape and how they should leverage it to their advantage.


Management in the Global Marketplace

As our market place becomes increasingly global, managing international projects and teams provides new and often unforeseen challenges. Stefan Pap identifies six key steps to the successful management of global projects.


Opportunity in Health Technologies

Winton Gibbons sees a future of market opportunities for new biomarkers. In this post, he explains why and provides a presentation that gives a quantitative estimate on how a biomarker can help doctors reduce heart failure readmissions.


Budgeting Through Uncertainty

Highly uncertain times lead to the need for expert advice as companies consider whether to invest or conserve spending. As the political arena shifts and changes, Stephen Wunker discusses these two principles in his latest article for Forbes.