Umbrex Weekly Roundup

By December 6, 2016

A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, Umbrex members.


Why Is this Happening?

Michael Lurie identifies the five systemic drivers of your organization’s performance to make critical improvements and unleash new levels of energy, performance, and results.


How Corporate Culture Is Killing Innovation and Speed

Amanda Setili, author of The Agility Advantage, reveals how Cisco, Coca-Cola, GE, IBM, and MasterCard are sheltering employees from corporate rule to stimulate entrepreneurship and creativity.


Five Strategies to Understanding Your Customers.

Stephen Wunker, author of Jobs to be Done and Managing Director of New Markets Advisors, explains 5 key branding insights to help understand consumers.


Why Media Stocks Are Bracing for Advertising Cuts

Peter Kreisky explains why television and film stocks fell recently and why there will soon be a major reassessment of marketing commitments.


Think Big – Act Small

James Black takes a close look at the role of a simple, well-crafted dashboard for tracking the health of business and monitoring progress vs. plans.


Are Financial Incentives the Best Way to Accelerate Change?

Stefan Pap discusses the pros and cons of using financial incentives to accelerate change.


The Hidden Value of Your New Product.

Ian Tidswell provides advice on how to find the hidden value of your new product for B2B products and services.


The Organized Mind

Susan Hamilton explains why good design combines elements of both the artist and the bookkeeper and why this formula leads to meaningful innovation.


The Questions You Need To Ask.

Marina Kotsianas identifies the questions consultants should ask to get the answers they need to produce the results clients’ want.