Umbrex Weekly Roundup

By January 10, 2017

A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.


Reviewing the Deals of 2016

James Phimister reflects on a few deals that went down in 2016, and offers quick insights into some of the mergers and acquisitions that gave him pause for thought.


The Growing Demand of Serialization Expertise and Technology

In this short video interview for Epista Life Science, Evren Ozkaya explains why the demand for qualified resources in the market continues to grow, and why it is beneficial to engage the consulting companies that can provide various resources and support.


How to Motivate and Inspire, Adapt and Change – Understanding Leadership

Michael Feiner, author of The Feiner Points of Leadership, discusses leadership practices in depth in this illuminating talk held at Google’s New York office.


The Details of Good Design

Good design can make or break a brand, but let’s not forget the importance of fonts. Susan Hamilton illustrates the necessity of a few key details in design.


Harmonizing Pricing Processes in a Complex Int’l Business 

Pricing expert Ian Tidswell, shares his knowledge in a talk for the Profit Summit. He was also interviewed for the recently published book, Pricing and Human Capital.


How Fashion Media Is Moving Forward

As the world of traditional media and publishing changes to embrace the digital age, Peter Kreisky identifies four trends that shaped the media landscape in 2016.


Management, Leadership, and Change

Change is the one constant we can be sure of, but how we deal with change determines how we move forward. Stefan Pap identifies the need for leadership during times of transition.


Key Marketing Tips for Small Brands and Startups

As many startups and small brands look forward to a prosperous new year, James Black offers pertinent advice on how to define their brand and what their business offers.