Umbrex Weekly Roundup

By January 24, 2017

A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.


Entrepreneurs in Ecommerce & What They Need to Know

There are many startup success stories that inspire entrepreneurs to venture into ecommerce; Joydip Gupta shares a few key insights to help them avoid common mistakes.


Less Pain, More Gain – Optimizing Blood Testing

Technology in the medical industry continues to make breakthroughs and provide solutions. Winton Gibbons, President and CEO of Siloam Biosciences introduces the Optimizeran efficient method of blood testing that requires only a couple of drops of blood for six or more diagnostic tests.


The Price Is Right – Or Is It?

Ian Tidswell explains why there are six dimensions that should be explicitly considered to ensure your company is getting the value it deserves from its products or services, by examining, and, if necessary, altering the pricing model.


Slashing Unsecured Lending Rates in Poland

Marcin Mazurek shares insights from overseas as he explains why new regulatory laws could cause unsecured loan providers in Poland to lose 54% to 60% of their current revenues.


Meditation – The Ultimate Management Tool

Susan Drumm highlights the benefits of meditation in the corporate world, from lower employee health costs to higher creativity and productivity.


The Art of Questioning

Finding the answers to problems relies on asking the right questions. But how do you determine the right questions to ask? Marina Kotsianas provides an excellent strategy on how to dig deep to get to the root of the situation.


Sell Solutions – Not Products or Services

Stephen Wunker, author of Capturing New Markets, identifies an effective strategy to connect with buyers by understanding the jobs they have to do, and, subsequently, selling them the products or services that help them complete their tasks.


Exploring Fintech in the Middle East

In an interview for the Financial Times, David Martinez de Lecea, co-founder of Finerd, discusses the nascent FinTech ecosystem of the Middle East.