Umbrex Weekly Roundup

By January 31, 2017

A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.


The Benefits of Severance Packages

In a two-part blog post, Michael A. Froehls, author of the award-winning book, The Gift of Job Loss, offers sage advice for new employees when negotiating perks, benefits, and severance terms.


Find the Decision Maker to Sign the Deal

Consultants have a wealth of advice and information to offer, and employers want to access their knowledge; but in a corporate world of managerial layers, layoffs and staff changes, it can be difficult to get final approval. David A. Fields, author of The Executive’s Guide to Consultants, provides a simple strategy to combat confusion and offset hold-ups.


Strong Foundations of Startup Success

Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Wizard, Evren Ozkaya, provides key insights and practical advice from his own experience as a startup CEO in this informative and inspiring article for startup entrepreneurs.


The Responsibility of CEOs in Corporate Culture

Amanda Setili, managing partner of Setili & Associates, the strategy consulting firm, and author of The Agility Advantage, uses the recent Volkswagen emission scandal as a case study to explore the responsibility of the CEO for the corporate culture.


The New E in CEO

Soyini Coke shares an article from a recent CEO Exclusive broadcast that examines the need for a Chief Evangelizing Officer in business to drive the promotion of products or services.


Is Abstracting & Indexing (A & I) a Solution to Fake News on Social Media?

James Phimister offers a potential solution to the problem of fake news being circulated on social media platforms. On February 17th he will give a presentation on scholarly communication and platform strategy to the Rutgers Department of Communication, Information and Library Studies. And on February 27th, he will be on the NFAIS Startup Shootout Panel at the 2017 NFAIS Annual Conference, in Alexandria, VA.


Media Growth Strategies in the Digital Age

Peter Kreisky, founder of the Kreisky Media Consultancy, was guest speaker at the FIPP world congress in Dubai last year, where he reviewed the steps leading media companies have been taking to address the industry changes needed to stay competitive in the digital age.