Umbrex Weekly Roundup

By February 7, 2017

A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.


Planning for the Future: Feast or Famine?

Michael A. Froehls takes a look at two scenarios facing the States: famine or greatness? Place your bets and let the dice roll.


The Key to Improving Results from Your Company’s Innovations

The importance of innovation is universally recognized. Yet, most companies have lackluster results from their investments. Luiz Zorzella, author of Revenue Growth Generation explains the missing link in a recent article published in the LSE Business Review.


Growing Your Business through Consumer Power

Alo Ghosh provides insight into the growing opportunities in healthcare and consumer finance industries in India by leveraging consumer power in the brave new Internet world.


Perspectives on Discovery and Development

Winton Gibbons offers valuable information on the discovery and development of new biomarkers in this newly published and downloadable whitepaper.


How to Perfect Persistence

Tenacity can be a troublesome trait or a triumphant tactic; the outcome depends on the approach and the attitude. David A. Fields provides guidance for consultants on how to eliminate the ego to perfect the art of persistence when pursuing prospective clients and projects.


Just Say No: Minimizing Strategies for Maximum Growth

No one wants to leave good ideas behind or limit the potential for growth; however, paradoxically, this may be exactly what is needed to move forward. Richard Kaung identifies when and why saying ‘no’ is crucial to focused strategic planning.


Affiliate Marketing for Marketers

Clear, insightful, and informative, Michael Bendit demystifies the basics and highlights the benefits of affiliate marketing from the marketer’s perspective.