Umbrex Weekly Roundup

By March 21, 2017

A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.

$1.4 Billion – Will it Make a Difference and What do You Think?

Author of Mission Control, Liana Downey, runs towards problems and invests her time and energy working towards solving them. In this post, she shares her knowledge of the challenges faced and successes achieved by communities and nonprofits. Responses welcome.


Streamlining the Next Generation Sequencing Clinical Translation Process

Winton Gibbons identifies key steps that can be taken to ensure the path of next generation sequencing  flows seamlessly and clearly by following the same process that is used in a manufacturing plant.  


Emotional Intelligence for LeadersSeminar Tampa, Florida. April 27 -29.

Emotion doesn’t happen in the heart – it happens in the brain. Join “Dr. Hank” Clemons with Univ. of Tampa faculty and author of Emotional Business, Ravi Rao for a multi-day intensive, immersive experience to build Emotional Intelligence for Leaders. Register before March 31st for an early bird discount!


Build Your Internal Competitive Intelligence Capabilities

Even large multinationals with vast resources and skilled management struggle to compile and focus information into intelligence that will guide their strategy. David Bernal provides four best practices that will source and streamline the data required to develop a competitive action-driven strategy.


Take Steps to Perfect Your Consulting Proposals

As a consultant, you are an expert in your field with an abundance of knowledge to share. Unfortunately, this can make it more difficult to write a concise and convincing proposal for clients. David A. Fields, author of the Executive’s Guide to Consultants, provides a few key tips and a downloadable template to help direct, define, and develop a winning proposal.
Why is Open Source Better than Proprietary Software?

The question you may have always wondered but were too scared to ask Michael Bendit answers in three short responses, and, he identifies one major drawback to using open source software.


Inverting the Customer Experience

In this highly competitive world of commerce, Francois Gall explains why customer experience must begin in the boardroom to gain the best results and why the CEO must lead the CX from the beginning to build customer brand loyalty.


Thinking of Opening a Business Abroad? Seven Challenges that Lie Ahead

As we know, personal experience is often the best teacher, and the lessons learned are firmly ingrained. James Black shares his startup story as an American in the U.K. and offers some advice on the potential problems one might face.