Umbrex Weekly Roundup

By May 16, 2017

A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.


Maintaining Organizational Effectiveness in Times of Dramatic Change

If you are suffering a loss of organizational effectiveness due to the pressure of change, this downloadable whitepaper from Belden Menkus identifies six quickly implemented tools that can help you regain commercial momentum.


3 Steps to Save Money on Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes

Corporate social responsibility initiatives are an investment most companies spend time and money on to ensure good relations with the public; however, to ensure value gained to avoid money wasted, Alistair Hodgett highlights the three key steps to follow.


Listen Mr. President

Dane Stangler of the Washington Monthly reviewed Steven Koltai’s book, Peace Through Entrepreneurship, stating that it was good advice for the president.


Writing with Light

Consultants must be observant, knowledgeable and creative thinkers in order to offer insight. Christian Hofer’s photography offers a view of the world through his lens.


More than Just Code

If you would like to know more about software reuse, this article by Wayne Lim, author of Managing Software Reuse, explains what it is all about.


Mannequin Challenge Nightmare

Jeremy Greenberg provides an interesting article on a social media fad that incurred a physical epidemic of temporary paralysis.

Reframe Problems to Find Solutions

In this podcast, Greg Acton discusses the ways to reframe problems and why this can determine how we solve them.


No 1. Book in Consulting

David A. Fields new book, The Irresistible Consultant’s Guide to Winning Clients, was released last month. It was #1 book in consulting and has over 60 five-star reviews.