Weekly Roundup

By June 13, 2017

A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.


Get the Pricing Right

Ian Tidswell closes the division between product development and product commercialization with a structured approach to pricing based on 5 clear steps.


Dealing with Death and Dementia

Francois Jacques offers insightful and practical advice for busy professionals who find themselves with the dilemma of looking after aging parents while maintaining a focus on their career.


Clearing the Path to Promotion

Ben Dattner’s article for the Harvard Business Review provides valuable advice and key steps to take that will turn an interim role into a permanent job.


Understanding Innovation to Develop a Successful Market Strategy

Luca Ottinetti defines the four dominant forces that drive innovation and outlines three archetypes of innovation and the challenges faced when taking new innovations to market.


Get Immediate Insights with this Visual Management Strategy

Tim Fisk provides three simple and useful visual management methods that will help you understand how your department or project is running.


Dipsticks, Foots, and Fire Drills

Take a moment to refresh your knowledge of business jargon with these eloquent and amusing pithy posts from Jason George. Enjoy.


Helping Leaders Lead

Mirko Jens Luebke received an award this year from the World Human Resource Development Congress for one of the 100 Best Global Coaching Leaders.