Umbrex Weekly Roundup

By August 15, 2017

A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.


Resilience: A Key Executive Skill – Two Steps to Help Develop Yours

In times of transition, growth or difficulty, emotional intelligence is a valuable asset. Srikumar Rao emphasizes the importance of resilience in both business and life in this recent article for the Harvard Business Review. Srikumar’s book, Happiness at Work, is available on Amazon.


How to Double Sales with Words

Insights from branding and design expert Susan Hamilton in this summarized case study review that highlights the key steps that led to sales doubling in the following quarter.


International Success – How Starbucks Did It

How do brands cross borders successfully? Martin Roll explains how Starbucks managed International expansion to reach new customers and cultures while maintaining brand values.


When “No Comment” Is Just Not Good Enough

Alistair Hodgett provides a few solid ground rules for responding to media requests, and offers a valuable tip for organizations that want to provoke a response from companies.


What You Can Learn From Employees Who Won’t Work For You

In an article for the Harvard Business Review, Ben Dattner provides a case for interviewing people who turn down a job offer at your company to gain insight into your own organization and valuable information about your industry competitors.


How to Improve Your Growth and Innovation Capabilities

David Bernal identifies eight key areas to study that will help management to accurately assess the current state of their capabilities, evaluate gaps and craft improvement plans.


Is Belief Stronger than Analysis?

Martin Pergler underscores the need for slow thinking to counteract the ease of following beliefs.