Umbrex Weekly Roundup

By October 17, 2017

A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.

Fintech – A Bold, New Frontier of Opportunities

David Martinez de Lecea defines Fintech and discusses the impact of the new,  disruptive and non-traditional ways of operating Fintech has enabled.


A 4.5% Promise Leads to Exceptional Results

Christy Johnson discusses her company’s decision to devote 4.5% of Artemis staff time to changing lives, communities, and organizations, and what they have learned and achieved in the last 365 days.


Make the Most of Psychometric Testing

Ben Dattner explores the benefits and limits of using psychometric testing when hiring new staff, and he provides a few valuable tips on how to use it for best results.


Fintech and Small Business Crowdfunding in the MENA Region

Radical changes are taking place in the world’s economy thanks to Fintech, startups and socially-minded entrepreneurs. Tanvir A. Uddin explains this and the benefits of supporting small business.


The Importance of Process

Jeff Holland makes a strong case for the essential, but unappreciated and often vilified key to productivity – process.


The Value Sharing Economy – What it Is and Why You Should Pay Attention

Anant Singh examines the value of sharing in both culture and economy, how the advent of the Value Shared Economy is being driven by the current social need to create equality and the value that is inherent in this direction.


Grow Global – Why, Where, and How to Go

Andre van Regenmortel highlights the importance of growing internationally and getting into emerging markets.