Umbrex Weekly Roundup

By November 21, 2017

A weekly roundup of news about, and insights from, our global community of management consultants.


Instructions  for Life from the All Blacks

Fifteen core principles drove the success of New Zealand’s All Blacks, Daniel Markowitz applies those principles to business and development on both a professional and personal level.


The Value-Added Benefits of Corporate Generosity

Jennifer Hartz highlights the value of giving for corporations as she illustrates how charitable partnerships can benefit a brand, and subsequently, the bottom line.


How to Get Action from NearSighted Goals

Author of three books on consulting, David A. Fields offers a great kickstart to jump start your consulting business, freelance business, or even life. Enjoy.


Save Time – Read This

Don’t waste time searching for services or staff you need to help your business succeed. Paul Millerd has compiled a hugely valuable list of resources for independent consultants in one post for your convenience.


Don’t Eat the Daisies

Jonathan Paisner explains why B2B companies should learn to live with working titles and leave the naming of products to the brand experts.


Understanding the Hype Cycle

Author of of four business strategy books Kaihan Krippendorff introduces the hype cycle to help makes sense of how and why innovation within a company structure can be lost.


Leadership Tips from the Experts

Author of the Agility Advantage and Fearless Growth,  Amanda Setili was recently quoted in an article by Inc. on the importance of good leadership and how these tips can help develop effective leadership skills.