Umbrex is the first global community connecting top-tier independent management consultants with one another.

85% of our members are alums of McKinsey, Bain, or BCG. We have members in over 30 countries.

Our mission is to create opportunities for independent management consultants to meet, build relationships, share lessons learned, and collaborate.

By sharing lessons learned with peers, both in-person and via our online forum, Umbrex members increase their client impact and career satisfaction.

At our Top Tier professional development events, members trade advice, strengthen their skills, and elevate their practice.

Members seeking a subcontractor regularly connect with members in search of a project opportunity, resulting in frequent collaboration among our curated community.

At Umbrex social events around the world, members make new friends and deepen existing relationships.

AlphaSights, GLG, Wonder, and Truth On Call have established exclusive arrangements with Umbrex to provide access for our members.

Umbrex members enjoy access to exclusive resources such as contract templates and a vetted list of recommended providers including visual production, insurance brokers, attorneys, and accountants.

Umbrex works with clients to identify the right individual or team of independent consultants to help these clients achieve their challenging objectives.

Umbrex produces Unleashed, a weekly podcast that explores how to thrive as an independent professional. Most episodes include an in-depth interview with an Umbrex member.

Umbrex coordinates pro bono consulting opportunities for our members with Ashoka and other partners.

Membership in Umbrex is highly selective, and is based on professional experience, recommendations from clients and peers, and a commitment to the highest standard of client service. There is no fee to join Umbrex. Apply to join

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