Podcast: consultants

Unleashed, hosted by Umbrex Co-Founder Will Bachman, is the podcast that explores how to thrive as an independent professional.

Episode 398: Annie Scranton on Public Relations – Inside Advice

Annie Scranton is the founder and president of Pace Public Relations; she has been a producer at the CBNC, an assistant booker at Fox News, a booking producer on Good Morning America with ABC News, and has a Masters in Public Relations. In this episode, Annie shares her experience and knowledge in public relations. Annie


Episode 388: Spish Rurak on Remote Job Search

  Spish Rurak is a McKinsey alum, the president of Rurak and Associates, and a noted advisor and consultant to consultants. He works with many consultants from top-tier firms based in the U.K. and has served as a career transition coach to several thousand management consultants. Today, he discusses the challenges of the remote job


Episode 358: Create a Target List of Employers or Clients

In this short episode of Unleashed, I share a process that I use in my consulting practice and have found to be hugely valuable for both myself and my clients.


Episode 357: Identify your Core Network

In this episode of Unleashed, I share a few valuable ideas taken from David A. Fields and his book, The Irresistible Consultants’ Guide to Winning Clients, which I highly recommend.


Episode 208: Jake Jorgovan turns consultants into thought leaders

Jake Jorgovan turns consultants into thought leaders through content marketing. Jake’s firm, Content Allies, works with consultants who have deep industry or functional knowledge, but who simply don’t have the time to sit down and get that knowledge onto paper.