Non profits

Many of our consultants are eager to give back and share their expertise with nonprofits delivering impact. Most common project types:

  • Strategy

  • Executive Director advisory

  • Operational improvement

  • Data analytics

  • Marketing

  • Organizational design & effectiveness

  • Change management

  • Earned income

  • Impact metric evaluations

  • Business Development




A message from leadership

At Umbrex, we recognize the importance of non-profit organizations in our country, as they tackle the issues that affect people, communities, and policy and provide a lasting impact on how our nation moves forward productively.

Unfortunately, nonprofits frequently face budgetary constraints due to circumstances outside of their control, and lack access to the same resources that large corporations have. Umbrex consultants are able to support these organizations by providing strategic pro bono advising to executive leadership and boards.

– Margarita Soto, Managing Partner & Head of Pro Bono Practice



Current partnerships




Non profit management thought leadership


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