Critical Trends Shaping Tomorrow

Posted Mar 18, 2019

Kaihan Krippendorff lists the top 10 trends your chief strategy officer should be thinking about in 2019.

Success and Company Culture

Posted Mar 16, 2019

Susan Drumm shares why emotional intelligence is so important in the workplace.

The Future of Work and the Need for Creative Thinking

Posted Mar 15, 2019

Paul Millerd explains why STEM is overrated — and  why we shouldn’t be pushing everyone to get a degree in science.

A New System for Pharma Pricing

Posted Mar 14, 2019

Tobias Baer identifies the flaw in pharma pricing and offers an outline of a system to address the current issues.

The Consultant’s Two-Step

Posted Mar 14, 2019

Raising fees can be a difficult conversation to have with your clients; fortunately, David A. Fields offers expert advice on how to raise your consulting firms rates in a two-step process.

The Conscious Capitalism Solution

Posted Mar 13, 2019

In a world that is governed by economics, Soyini Coke explores the many ways conscious capitalism can become the new model of corporate culture.

The Practicalities of Product Innovation

Posted Mar 12, 2019

Mike Ross highlights the importance of relationships, weak links, and asking the right questions when developing new innovations.

Culture-building for Long-term Success

Posted Mar 11, 2019

An insightful article from Jason George where he explores the downfall of New York law firm Dewey & LeBoeuf and explains why size drives how a culture propagates.

How to Write a Managerial User’s Manual

Posted Mar 7, 2019

Ben Dattner shares a useful post on how to write a managerial user’s manual, and why you should.

A Balanced Approach to Mergers and Acquisitions

Posted Mar 6, 2019

John Sallay provides key points to consider when building a portfolio of major new businesses that involves many important decisions and trade-offs.

How to Build New Strategies that Gain the Competitive Edge

Posted Mar 5, 2019

Kaihan Krippendorff and AnaMaria Rivera co-authored this white paper on how to build creative strategies inspired by ancient Chinese stratagems.

When Disruption Is Overreaction to Noise and Empty Explanations

Posted Mar 4, 2019

Dan Markovitz brings the  5-part series to a close with the final post in The Perils of Internal Disruption.

Improve the Success of Mergers and Acquisitions

Posted Mar 3, 2019

David Gross provides a strategy to overcome the standard merger and acquisition fail rate of 70-90 percent.

Three Valuable Reasons to Process Map

Posted Mar 2, 2019

Amit Bhambi identifies the benefits of process mapping and explains why process maps can be beneficial in almost all organizations and across industries.

How to Exceed Customer Expectations with Less

Posted Mar 1, 2019

In this article for Forbes, Stephen Wunker provides three innovation commandments to help entrepreneurs build sleek, low-cost businesses.

A Stellar List of Resources for Independent Consultants

Posted Feb 28, 2019

Paul Millerd provides a useful resource of business and strategy consulting networks for independent business strategy consultants.

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