Why Companies Hedge

Posted Nov 29, 2018

Kapil Sharma & Mark Working explore the reasons why some companies hedge and offer a few alternatives to hedging.

Finding from a Digital+Product+People Roles Survey

Posted Nov 28, 2018

Mason Adair shares key findings from a global survey that recorded responsibilities of different digital product team roles, with the aim of understanding the roles better and to introduce an optimized org model.

Do This to Improve Your Consulting Business

Posted Nov 27, 2018

Stellar advice from David A. Fields, and one easy shift that will help every aspect of your consulting firm.

Tip Top Taglines

Posted Nov 26, 2018

Jonathan Paisner provides a few golden rules to follow when developing a tagline for a company

5 Key Takeaways from Hong Kong Fintech Week 2018

Posted Nov 26, 2018

Ian Mombru shares key points and an insightful summary of the developing a world-class FinTech ecosystem.

Five Ways to Ramp Up Client Satisfaction

Posted Nov 24, 2018

From David A. Fields, five fast, useful ways to give your consulting clients the attention they want without costing too much time or effort. Bonus tips in the comments.

A Conversation on Leadership

Posted Nov 20, 2018

Mike Feiner discusses leadership and the importance of values conversations in this podcast interview.

Seven Strategies to Rule them All

Posted Nov 19, 2018

Kaihan Krippendorff identifies seven strategic and inspirational moves in chess and applies them to business.

United We Stand

Posted Nov 18, 2018

Susanna Freer Epstein offers a short note on courage and a welcome reminder on the importance of unity.

Leadership, Trust, and Self-Orientation

Posted Nov 16, 2018

Mark Ledden tackles the issue of self-orientation and how it affects unilateral problem solving, systems awareness, and the ability to reconstruct multiple perspectives.

Innovation and Intrapreneurship

Posted Nov 15, 2018

Robbie Kellman Baxter discusses the role of intrapreneurship within company culture and highlights how it leads innovation.

A Plan to Build Strong Stakeholder Relationships

Posted Nov 14, 2018

Jesse Jacoby shares an article on how to build strong stakeholder relationships and provides links to a stakeholder relationship plan.

A Framework for Fixing Fractures

Posted Nov 13, 2018

Mason Adair offers a solution to cross-functional team fractures that builds commitment, breaks functional silos, exposes gaps, and makes work a happier place.

Is Blockchain the Right Choice for Your Company?

Posted Nov 12, 2018

Luca Ottinetti’s article on integrating blockchain technology with business breaks the process down to the basics and helps evaluate if it is right for you.

Aligning the Project Manager with Sales

Posted Nov 11, 2018

From Mason Adair, an in-depth article that explores the role of product manager in agile commercialization.

Three Steps to Building an Executive Presence

Posted Nov 10, 2018

In three clear steps, Susan Drumm identifies how to get the executive presence you want.