Factoring Solutions with Fintouch

Posted Nov 9, 2018

In conversation with Ian Varley, CEO of Eagle Business Credit and his wife, head of marketing, Kris Varley, Soyini Coke discusses managing a company through growth, keeping the small business feel when crossing over into the mid-market, and different solutions in lending.

Lead Generation Communication Skills

Posted Nov 8, 2018

Valuable advice from David A. Fields on how to keep your thinking right-side-up when in discussion with consulting prospects.

Best Practices in Presentations

Posted Nov 7, 2018

Clear and useful steps on delivering a presentation for the board from Robbie Kellman Baxter.

Where Private Business Acquisitions Go Wrong

Posted Nov 6, 2018

From Kapil Sharma, a three-part series that focuses on three factors that drive acquisition success: clear strategic rationale, thoughtful post-merger integration, and the effective management of cultural and leadership mismatch.

Data and Insight on UK Fintech

Posted Nov 5, 2018

From Natalie Ceeney, a summary with links to a report on a study of the possible workforce implications following a change in immigration policy on UK Fintech.

Taking the High Road to Success

Posted Nov 4, 2018

Mike Ross provides a much-needed article that proves the benefits of empathy in business.

Systems Thinking and Systems Mapping

Posted Nov 3, 2018

Odin Muehlenbein shares an article on systems mapping with useful resource and presentation links.

Leading the Way to a Successful Strategy

Posted Nov 2, 2018

Sara Yik and Tsun-Yan Hsieh identify why every strategy needs good leadership and offer sage advice to top managers that can maximize the success of the strategy.

Do You Need a Product Manager?

Posted Nov 1, 2018

An in-depth article from Mason Adair that explores the need, or lack of need, for a product manager.

Don’t Just Think – Do!

Posted Oct 31, 2018

Paul Millerd shares how to start a podcast in eight simple steps.

How to Sell Your Strategy

Posted Oct 30, 2018

In this article, Kaihan Krippendorff explores the issue of communicating strategy and offers three key steps to selling your strategy to employees, investors, and partners.

Tap into the Success of the Subscription Model

Posted Oct 29, 2018

The success of subscription business models has led many companies to think about making a move in that direction. Robbie Kellman Baxter explains how to do it, and why you should.

How to Assess Your Emotional Intelligence

Posted Oct 28, 2018

There is a lot of recognition for the importance emotional intelligence in the business community.  Susan Drumm provides a list of questions to ask that will improve your emotional intelligence.

A Presentation on Quantum Computing

Posted Oct 27, 2018

Edgar Perez shares a presentation on Quantum Computing. He has also been leading workshops on Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity.

The Big Company Advantage

Posted Oct 26, 2018

Amanda Setili shares her expertise on organizational speed in a series of videos. In this episode she tackles the issue of large company agility and how it compares to small company competition.

Critical Choices for Consulting Firms

Posted Oct 25, 2018

David A. Fields helps identify the critical choices that can make or break a consulting firm.