Episode 25: Josh Spodek on leadership step by step

July 31, 2017

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Our guest today is Josh Spodek, the author of Leadership Step by Step.

Josh is an independent professional who

  • coaches individual clients
  • teaches leadership and entrepreneurship as an adjunct professor at NYU
  • does speaking engagements
  • runs online courses in leadership and entrepreneurship on SpodekAcademy.com

For the show we met at Josh’s apartment in Greenwich Village, and in the first part of our conversation we discuss the blackboard in his room and the new course he is currently developing, which is sketched out in chalk.

We also talk about what Josh has learned from blogging every single day since 2011, the impact on his fitness from doing 90,000 burpees over the past few years, and how he fits four months of garbage into one tote bag.

Josh’s approach to teaching leadership and entrepreneurship is very experiential and organized around a series of exercises. We discuss several of these, including what you can learn from three raisins.

You can learn more about Josh and take his online course at http://spodekacademy.com/

And buy his book here:


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